Sunday, April 28, 2013

It's a Sister thing

29th April 1996: A small very cute, extremely adorable baby is born and with her birth she gave me the biggest boon of my life SISTERHOOD. Even after 17 years from that day I m still cannot thank God enough for giving me the greatest gift of life. Initially I was little jealous as all the attention diverted from me to her but then when mom put her in my lap, her innocent smile and with those tiny hands she caught hold of my finger which made skip a heartbeat and realize I am a Big sister now. 

From sharing my favorite dolls to the sharing my deepest darkest secrets...I knew they would be all safe with her. She can understand things I never said. She can understand pain which is not visible to anyone. I found a true friend in her, who would scold me, fight with me, go shopping with me, share inside jokes, counsel me, criticize me, adore me...We fight may like Tom and Jerry but love each other like Romeo and Juliet. 

She is the younger one but she is wiser one. She would take care of me and my things so well when would go for trips at nani’s place in summer holidays, she would always made sure I would never forget anything. The best thing about having her as my sister is that I, I can say what I want, be who I m, do what I feel without the fear of being judged. She knows me inside out, from my favorite toys to my first crush. I can’t imagine my life without her, it would such a mess.

Barbara Alpert's view on sisters totally fits us 
 “She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities.  She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink.  Some days, she's the reason you wish you were an only child.”

P.S. Maitry Shah I m going to tell you my biggest secret I envy you. because you are always so full of love and strength, plus you have very amazing sister like me ; ) After all, all good things come in pairs 

Saturday, March 16, 2013


‘cause just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it become a butterfly 

Sometimes for days nothing changes and sometimes a few minutes are enough change your entire world. Well, Some changes bring along progress while some do not. Some changes are imposed upon us, some happen by accident and the most are made by us. Nevertheless nobody can stop it. After all it is the very reason of our existence – evolution; evolution is like the amplified version of change. 

The most peculiar thing about the unexpected change is that you don’t know when it’s coming, you haven’t prepared for it. It just happens to you and then you have to constantly come up with new ways to fix yourself. So you adapt to change or sometimes change to adapt and thus crafting new version of yourself.
Change is essential for growth, you may want to change something about your life but put it off. may be because of fear or what other may think or lack of confidence but other end of that change there might be a whole new world so just go for it don’t let anything or anyone hold you back because there is a wrong time to the right thing.

More than changing what is more is difficult is accepting the change; when people or surrounding around you change...bang it comes smashing right to your face at the most unpredictable times. At first you get really upset with it because you are used to the mundaneness of your life that you fear the change but as the time passes by this very change becomes a part of the mundaneness your life follows. So don’t remain stuck in your past and let the changes your destiny has for you take its course as what is meant to happen will hence accept it to enjoy it. 

For "The expected is what keeps us steady. It's the unexpected that changes our lives forever." – Grey’s Anatomy 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Hostel - A place that belongs to everybody but is owned by none.

I am a proud Hosteller, have spent almost half my student life studying a hostel, may be thats what makes me want to write about it.

Hostel for me is like home now..when I came from my short trips at home I feel a sense of relief when I sit on my hostel bed..its like I belong here. The best part about hostel is the restrictions on when to wake up and what to eat. Apart of general rules you are the master of your own time in hostel.. You make your decisions and if you fail its you who has to take the responsibility and face the consequences, nor your parents, siblings, nobody is makes us the face the harsh realities of life at very early stage. Hostel made me tougher from and the inside and the outside. It has taught me that you don't need to be in love to enjoy the rain, that when your tuck gets over the leftovers mixture even taste better...

Though boarding school had a proper tight schedule, from the morning bell to lights off..yet it didn't feel so monotonous ..I still remember how we used wait for phone call days (twice a month) to talk to our parents, and saturdays to watch movie in auditorium. Hostel life also makes you meet a wide variety of people who come from diverse backgrounds..each one of them has story to tell..about their experiences, their culture, their hometown..Durga pooja and Pongal were only names to me until I went to hostel, the durga pooja pandals are soo pretty and the pongal rice taste really nice. I would have never known all this if it was not for my hostels.

College hostels are a little different than school hostels..I learnt to travel in public transport by public transport I mean tempos and mini local private buses.. I became more responsible even financially I learned how to spend a month in a specific amount (very important for a shopaholic like me :P) .. I would have never learnt all of this that if I were at home. In hindi "juggad" would be most appropriate word to describe the management skills learnt in hostel..yes juggad, you learn to make the best from the small little things available like managing to make maggi with geyser water etc, besides that I am also learning to deal with all kinds of people and situations. 

Hostel gives you an insight into the real world..its like the beta version of life and to deal with that I have the most amazing friends. In hostel your friends are your family - a big family indeed :P

Friends that tease you, embrace you, embarrass you, fight for you, fight with you, understand you; friends with whom you have long base less conversations (specially the night before exam), they have solutions to everything from headache to heartache.

I think its once in a lifetime experience to live in a hostel and if you are living it DON'T spend your time wisely cause the unplanned memories are the best ; )

Monday, July 23, 2012

Déjà vu.

Déjà vu...not really ?!?

Déjà vu is a french word for "already seen"..most of us have experienced a situation which we feel has already occurred... weird feeling right ?

A few days ago I come across a very interesting fact about Déjà vu....its seems experiencing Déjà vu implies that you are exactly when you're supposed to be at the very moment. We often come across dead ends in our life; Life seems hopeless then, the wrong and the right both seem to be the such situations I wish we had the Déjà vu feeling so we would know this where we are suppose to be at the very moment, then life would be so much simpler...less complications and confusions..having to know you are going where is suppose to is the best boon in such situations...however some things are not in our control...may be thats how its meant to the end what matters is the choices you make..its doesnt matter whether is right or wrong sometimes...because your choices shape your destiny..what is meant to be will happen..for me right now is one of those situations..I have made my choice, now all I can do is wait to see where my destiny leads me...
As Mark Twain said..."All good things arrive unto them that wait - and don't die in the meantime"

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Every Summer has its own Story..

Probably the happiest period of a Student`s life is summer vacations, atleast as a kid it was mine and still is. During our school life most of us were asked to write essays on how we spent our summer vacations. So I thought to refresh some summer memories since vacations are getting over in a week.

The first few days of the vacation are like the honeymoon period its all nice and sweet and the last few days are the divorce period where we usually torment over the vacations getting over and linger over the memories made.

I still use reverse counting technique till my vacations starts. Summer is all about having fun...barefeet and loose hair is the dress-code..sunny days, water fights,lazy days, sleepless nights that's just the start of the awesomeness summer embraces.

As kid I have fading memories of going to my farm house and sneaking out in afternoon to pluck some mangoes off the tree, though I was never allowed to eat them but I always loved doing it because it made me feel at par with my male cousins. In the evening under clear blue sky swimming, hide and seek (which would go on for hours), board games and carom with the day ending with the amazing tales from my grandmother and stargazing. All of us would lie and gaze at the stars until we feel asleep it is one of the best feelings in the world. It shows us that even the dark side holds something pretty inside it. Before nostalgia completely takes me over, just one thing:  "If you come has happy as you leave, you have had a good vacation,"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Me =)


Life is mortal whereas Eternity is a concept of endless time.

This blog is about my life an those endless little that I wish would last forever. 
Sometimes it is these little things that complete the picture. My Family and Friends are my essentials.  Along with them is shopping, I m girl so shopping is my birth right :p. Clothes, Shoes and accessories - they are my best mates..they never disappoint me. But there is a lot more that comes with being a girl, from breaks-ups to PMS (they hurt but the best part is they give us an excuse to hog on chocolates and ice-creams). I totally believe in girl power (we have the ability to recreate life). I m a Proud Gujarati and a big time feminist so womens rights and equality are always on my list. Well there is another side of that cries in movies, screams a hell lot in horror flicks, loves Slumber parties, Beaches and PINK. Sleeping is my favorite hobby..can do it anytime. I am a mixture of practical and philosophical thoughts which on most times puts me in I prefer writing it actually helps. Thus my urge to write and my desire to start a blog has put me here, so here I am letting you into my small but amazing world !!